Joyci, 17, Brazil ,crazy,dramatic ..
Series são meu vicio <3

"Você conhece aquele lugar entre dormir e acordar, o lugar onde você ainda pode lembrar de sonhar? É onde eu sempre te amarei. É onde eu estarei esperando." Peter Pan


I love Angelina Jolie’s wedding dress.  Completely fantastic.

Favorite acting scene 1/?? 

The baby was okay yesterday. She was okay, but today she’s gone.  And Ben and Adrian - Ben and Adrian are never going to be the same. (Secret Life, s03e26)

Equal parts chic, casual, smart, funny, confident and independent, Willa is basically everything we look for in a friend. This girl knows what’s up. I know I’m pumping her tires, but the truth is the truth. I love her guts… and not just because she sometimes reminds me of myself. Willa is a wonderful friend and the epitome of cool. At the end of the day she’s not afraid to just be Willa, and I love that." KATIE CASSIDY

"I try to keep myself in what I’m doing and focused on character stuff, as opposed to getting wrapped up in worrying or being nervous. It won’t benefit me, in any way, to focus on that."