Joyci, 18, Brazil ,crazy,dramatic ..
Series são meu vicio

"Você conhece aquele lugar entre dormir e acordar, o lugar onde você ainda pode lembrar de sonhar? É onde eu sempre te amarei. É onde eu estarei esperando." Peter Pan



ARROW 3.10 Left Behind

Is this a photo from BTS for the shooting of episode 3.10 Left Behind? Katie Cassidy is clearly wearing an early version of the Black Canary costume complete with black leather jacket, and oh my it’s also fishnet stockings. Holy mother of god! This is too FREAKING good to be true.


No, guys, it’s not a behind the scene photo from 3x10. It’s an old picture of her when she did an interview for Extra. You can find these photos in here.



Hogwarts is my home



cansei de chorar pelos olhos
ou dedos
agora eu choro pelo céu!
então já sabe…
se chover, sou eu."
paris, 1992.   (via s-i-m-p-l-i-f-i-c-a-r)

Jared Padalecki + Jensen Ackles: a summary (insp)